Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Session?

On , a Session is equivalent to Event. The two words are interchangeable in the real world, and in our world!

How do I register?

Well, that's easy! Fill out the Registration form on the Home page or fill out the form on the Registration page.

Do I need to Register to RSVP for a Session?

You can RSVP for Sessions as a Guest! You'll only need to provide a name (first name is fine, just so that the event organizer knows who's coming), your email address (for confirmation), and your Zip code (for geographic informatoin).

Can I see what sessions I RSVP'd to?

If you are logged in as a full member and if you view a session to which you already submitted your RSVP, you will see a message which indicates that you have already registered for the session. If you are a guest and you RSVP'd to a session, you will ONLY see that same message if you are using the same browser session. If you clear your cache, cookies, or restart your browser, you will not see that message.

We are currently working on creating an interface which will allow users to see the Sessions to which they submitted an RSVP. We are also working on email functionality which will allow you to receive confirmation emails as well as reminders about these Sessions.

Can I cancel an RSVP?

If you registered as a guest, you will not be able to cancel your RSVP. Please contact the event organizer directly to be removed from their list.

If you are a registered member, you will soon be able to view your upcoming sessions as a participant and control your registration status. This interface is an upcoming enhancement. In the meantime, we will recommend that you either contact us or contact the event organizer.

Can I edit a session?

If you are the owner/creator of the session, you can edit any and every piece of it!

I accidentally deleted a session, what can I do?

Contact us! We can restore it for you. Just tell us the name of the event and we will restore it.

I already signed up as a Guest once, do I need to do it again to RSVP for another Session?

Guest login is session based, if you end your session by either clearing your cache/cookies or by restarting your browser (or visiting our Logout page), the session will be cleared and you will no longer be able to use the same session.

You will need to login again as a guest. You can use the same email address again! To make things easier, we recommend that you Register as a full member so that you can login at any time and and RSVP for sessions and even create your own sessions!

Can I download a list of all of my sessions?

Yes, you can! Visit your Control Panel and at the bottom of the list, you have an option to Download all of your sessions in a .CSV file.

Can I download a list of all available sessions?

Yes, you can! Visit the All Sessions page and at the bottom of the list, you have an option to Download all public and published sessions in a .CSV file. Note: You MUST be logged in as a registered member in order to have this option display.

What is the difference between Published and Not Published?

Look at 'not published' as a draft. It's not fully avialable for your guests to RSVP until you publish it. Sessions which are not published also will not show up in the All Sessions page or in the search.

What is the difference between Public and Private?

If a session is public, then it will be listed in the All Sessions page and Search. Anyone can find it. If it's private, you can only access the session if you have the direct link. Whether Sessions which are marked as private or public, guests will be able to RSVP. If you want to block RSVPs, mark it as 'Not Published.'

Can I copy a Session?

Yes, you can! It will copy everything but the start and end time/date and whether you want it Published and/or Public.

Can I download a list of all registered guests?

You can export a list in .CSV format if you are the event/Session organizer.

Can we send reminders to registered guests before events?

This functionality is currently being worked on! It should be available very soon!

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